The AAE Digital Film Studio's Goals and Mission:


Cinema is a major industrial force, a major vehicle for intercultural understanding, and an art form with vast social significance. The AAE Digital Film program is a 2-year endeavor for would-be filmmakers in a high school setting. Because of today’s Digital Technology, floodgates for cinema artists have been flung wide open, understanding that there is no limit to what a young artist can accomplish.

Not only can teenagers create their own personal film, they have the means for major exposure thru the use of the Internet and Film Festivals around the globe. Here at the Academy for Academic Excellence (AAE), students from 8th to 12th grade enrolled in the film program, experience a Studio Lab setting where creativity reigns.

Students are exposed to all facets of production including but not limited to Script and Storyboard Creation, the fundamentals of Cinematography, including Camera Operation, Lighting, Editing, Foley, Sound Reinforcement, Set design and Construction.


The program will provide students with the critical skills and knowledge needed to comprehend cinema as a discrete discipline with its own methodology as well as an art form engaged in complex interactions with various modes of production. The courses are designed to provide historical, theoretical, and critical perspectives on the cinema derived from a variety of disciplines.

The goal is to introduce this powerful art form to individuals at a young age and give them the opportunity to express themselves in way that is both self-fulfilling and powerful. The program is streamlined to instruct independent Guerilla type filmmaking with a “all hands on approach’ to instruction. It is our hope that students exposed to this program will go on to work in the film industry, create their own company, or continue on to a credited Film School or College to acquire a film degree.

Steven Orsinelli, AAE Digital Film Studio Instructor