AAE Digital Film Studio

Welcome to the AAE Digital Film website!


Welcome to the AAE Digital Filmstudios, a High School based film program instructing young filmmakers in the Art of Professional Motion Picture Creation. Students enrolled in our program learn all aspects of cinematography and have fun creating personal productions in every genre. Please be our guest and feel free to browse around our site, our students are proud of their productions, and we hope it inspires you to find your passion in art and create something that shows your inner-self to the world.


The AAE Digital Film program is dedicated to reflect our schools model of Courage, Generosity and Honor. We teach students that with the power of media comes responsibility balanced with the standards of a K-12 school setting. Students enrolled in the program create films that are worthy of a general audience. We think it is our responsibly as human beings to create content that is honest and done with integrity. In a world where media pushes R rated subjects to an ever growing younger audience, we feel it is our duty for our film students to create subject matter that is entertaining and powerful at the same time.

Steven Orsinelli, AAE Digital Filmworks Instructor